Another circular yoke construction


One can always ask whether two pieces of knitwear are similar or not. The question is not so simple, as it may seem on the first glance. Of course, all sweaters are similar in what makes them sweaters.
It depends how you look at it. All circular yoke sweaters have circular yoke in common, regardless of whether there is colourwork on the yoke or not. In turn, one may argue that there are different types of circular yoke constructions. I have been knitting a lot so called 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 stitches sweaters (see pattern recipe on Ravelry). Then I made Ilmava top based on a different principle of increases.
Here you make quite a lot of increases (depending on the size, 36 or 40 or 44) and then have a longer section without increases (10-12 rows).  Depending on the size, there are 3-5 such sections. In the same vein, I knitted this sweater.
The gauge is slightly tighter here because the yarn combination is thinner. So started with the same number of stitches as for size S in Ilmava but had to make 4 increase sections and not 3. So I might say that this is essentially the same sweater. Eyelets or no eyelets is not important.

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