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I introduced a new tag "analytical knitting". Actually, it is not very new, I have given a couple of lectures under this heading at Estonian Academy of Art where I talked about my approaches to knitting design. Let us observe what Instagram pictures are most favoured (from the beginning of 2019 till November). 
If you insert into search engine "Instagram best 9", you will get a lot of links, follow one of them and log on to your Instagram account, then the machine will calculate.

What does it tell us? The most right picture in the second row is a sweater for my daughter, with so called honeycomb pattern. I know that majority loves colourwork. The stitch pattern is nice but this is not my style; still, I can make this one if someone wants. Actually, I should try it in one colour with two different fibers.  I can see that people love cables (two pictures in the middle row, the neighbours of the honeycomb sweater). These are simple cables and I like them as well. The most right picture in the bottom row is a black sweater in half-brioche stitch, very simple and minimalist. I am not sure whether people like the sweater itself or the picture as such or the style (total black outfit). The same concerns the middle picture of the top row. 
The cruise shawl of this year was liked by many and many knitted it already before the cruise; probably, the airy fabric and mesh stitch is what people like. This pattern has been knitted in other fibers, sock yarn and wool. Finally so-called twined pattern. Four pictures out of nine have it. This has become my hallmark pattern. It is suitable for many different yarns. 
It is also suitable for scarves and summer top. The top in the bottom picture is from cotton.

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