Problem and solution


We decided together with Domus Linumi yarn store that it would be nice to make a sweater from the Estonian wool for the craft cruise  because the store will join us and sell the yarn on board. So I made a start. 
I got some beautiful yarn in autumn colours.

My plan was to make a half-brioche stitch sweater; moreover, I have already knitted one from this yarn (albeit in a different colour combination) and have my note, so no problem there. 

But you can already notice here that the fabric is biased where round knitting starts. It is interesting because last time I did not have this problem. The same yarn, yet different colour, lot etc, maybe it is more twisted than the previous one. So I decided to frog it and to make a sweater with a familiar pattern. I have a pattern recipe on Ravelry (general principle, everyone can easily modify according to their needs), the stitch pattern seems to be universal.
Here you can see that everything works fine. As of now, I have already one sleeve and about to complete the other one. Hope to show the whole garment soon.

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